Yerevan Gastronomic Shows

“Yerevan Gastronomic Shows” is the highlight of the “Yerevan Gastronomic Days” festival. Scheduled for June 7, 8, and 9, these dynamic showcases will assemble a diverse array of culinary talents from Armenia and beyond. Internationally renowned wine experts, Chefs, food bloggers and many other industry figures will be on one platform to hold gastronomic shows, to talk about food and drink pairings, share culinary secrets, prepare delicious dishes and many other food topics. With expertly equipped stages setting the scene, attendees are poised to embark on an epicurean journey of discovery and delight.

Dates: 7,8,9 June, 2024

Location: Moskovyan-Baghramyan crossroad

Restaurant Days

“Restaurant Days” is a part of the “Yerevan Gastronomic Days” festival. Running from May 20 to June 20, this campaign brings together renowned restaurants from across the Republic. Participating establishments will showcase exclusive “Set Menus” with accompanying discounts. Patrons can enjoy discounts starting at 15% on Set Menu selections, along with an additional +20% off when ordering an ARARAT Cherry cocktail or ARARAT Ani cognac. With over 100 restaurants participating, visitors have the chance to explore a diverse culinary landscape while enjoying these enticing offers.Special surprises await for those who ordered the “Set Menus” the most.

Date: May 20 – June 20

Gala Dinner

As part of the “Yerevan Gastronomic Days,” “EventToura” is orchestrating an exclusive culinary affair: a Gala Dinner. This sumptuous event will feature a meticulously curated menu comprising five exquisite dishes, each expertly paired with Armenian wines and other libations.

At the helm of this gastronomic extravaganza is the renowned French-Armenian Chef Alain Aleksanyan, holder of two Michelin stars. Chef Aleksanyan will personally unveil his signature creations and wines, treating guests to an unforgettable culinary journey.

Beyond indulging in fine dining, the Gala Dinner aims to foster an atmosphere of cultural appreciation, offering guests insights into the rich traditions and heritage of Armenian wine and cuisine. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a charitable raffle, with enticing prizes generously provided by our partners.

This philanthropic event will channel its proceeds to support the French-Armenian Professional Training Center Foundation. The evening culminates in an art auction of exceptional art pieces.

Date: June 11

Time: 18:00

Location: soon

Mater Classes

As part of the “Yerevan Gastronomic Days,” internationally renowned chefs will conduct exclusive culinary master classes for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Zarmig Halladjian, Lebanese-Armenian chef, TV personality
Theme: Middle Eastern cuisine
Date: June 12, 19:00-21:00

Mary Sue Milliken, American chef, TV personality
Theme: Healthy food
Date: June 13, 14:00-15:00

Marco Leoni, Italian Maestro Pizzaiolo
Topic: Pizza master class
Date: June 6, 11:00-13:00
Location: “Napoletana Armenia” Restaurant

EventToura: Event Tourism Developing Agency
EventToura: Event Tourism Developing Agency is committed to strategically planning and executing immersive and culturally enriching events that spotlight Armenia’s diverse heritage, elevate its global tourism profile, foster sustainable development, and prioritize festival themes crucial to the Armenian economy
EventToura: Event Tourism Developing Agency aspires to position Armenia as a premier destination for discerning travelers worldwide by pioneering transformative event experiences that celebrate the country’s unique identity, foster cross-cultural understanding, and leave a lasting legacy of exploration and appreciation.
With a wealth of experience in event management and tourism promotion, EventToura: Event Tourism Developing Agency has solidified its reputation as a reliable partner for organizing impactful and memorable events throughout Armenia. Our team boasts extensive expertise in conceptualizing, planning, and executing a diverse array of events, ranging from festivals and conferences to cultural gatherings. By leveraging our expansive network of international contacts, deep industry knowledge, and innovative strategies, we consistently surpass expectations, ensuring that each event we organize leaves a lasting impression on participants and stakeholders alike.
Notable Projects
EventToura takes immense pride in curating and hosting a selection of flagship festivals that exemplify Armenia’s rich culture, heritage, and culinary traditions:
Yerevan Wine Days: Esteemed as a premier wine festival, Yerevan Wine Days illuminates Armenia’s burgeoning wine industry through an exquisite array of tastings, masterclasses, and cultural performances, drawing thousands of visitors annually to partake in this celebration of oenological excellence.
Yerevan Gastronomic Days: A culinary symphony of flavors, Yerevan Gastronomic Days pays homage to Armenia’s diverse gastronomic heritage with captivating cooking demonstrations, tantalizing food tastings, and interactive workshops, serving as a catalyst for culinary tourism and exploration throughout the region.
Beer Days: A vibrant ode to craft beer culture, Beer Days presents a kaleidoscope of local and international breweries, inviting guests to savor an eclectic range of brews through immersive tastings, dynamic live music, and engaging entertainment, fostering a unique opportunity for beer enthusiasts to delve into Armenia’s burgeoning craft beer scene and savor its distinct flavors and aromas.
In addition to these public events, EventToura also specializes in private event planning and organization. With a proven track record of success, we have seamlessly coordinated private events for various organizations. In 2023, EventToura had the honor of orchestrating the official event commemorating the ArtLife complex’s integration into the esteemed Kempinski network. Entrusted with this prestigious occasion, EventToura demonstrated its capability to deliver exceptional private events tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience from conception to execution.
These marquee events, both public and private, serve as vibrant showcases of Armenia’s cultural tapestry, attracting visitors from across the globe to partake in unforgettable experiences and bask in the warmth of Armenian hospitality.

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